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ד״ר כוכב אלקיים לוי

Founder & Chair

Dr. Cochav Elkayam-Levy is the founder and chair of the Dvora Institute for Gender and Sustainability Studies, as well as the Civil Commission on Oct. 7th Crimes by Hamas against Women and Children. She notably served as the principal author of the National Report on Gender Mainstreaming in Times of Emergencies, which was adopted by the Israeli government in June 2022.

Dr. Elkayam-Levy was awarded the Israel Prize in the field of Solidarity (Arvut Hadadit) for her work in raising awareness of the crimes committed by Hamas on and following October 7th against Israeli women, children, men, and families. Recognized for her leadership, she was named one of the most promising young leaders under 40 in Israel by The Marker Magazine in 2022 (Ha'aretz). Her recent contributions include co-authoring an analysis of the implications of the government's legal reform on the lives of women in Israel.

Dr. Elkayam-Levy is a Sophie Davis Post-Doctoral Fellow at Hebrew University’s Leonard Davis Institute’s program on Gender, Conflict Resolution. She teaches human rights law, international law, climate justice, and feminist theories at Hebrew University and Reichman University and is a Senior Fellow at the Hartman Institute in Jerusalem.

With a background as an SJD and a former Human Rights Scholar of the University of Pennsylvania Law School, Dr. Elkayam-Levy has also served as a Perry World House Fellow. Recognized globally, she is a Salzburg Global Fellow for Outstanding Scholars in International Law, based in Washington DC, and a distinguished member of the President’s new Climate Forum.

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