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Dr. Michal Gat Gilad

Senior Research Fellow

Michal is the Director and Co-Founder of The Multidisciplinary Center on Childhood, Public Policy, and Sustainable Society, a non-profit research center that aims to promote collaboration between scientists, legal scholars and policy experts, to advance evidence-based policy-oriented research on issues impacting the lives of children and families. She is also an Expert Fellow and Board Member with the National Prevention Science Coalition. Michal is an interdisciplinary scholar with a background in law and social science. She specializes in the utilization of academic and empirical research to inform and improve our laws and policies, with specific expertise in laws and policies that impact the lives of children and families. Her research focuses on the synthesis of science and law, developing evidence-based adaptations of laws and policies to the unique developmental, social and cultural needs of children and youth, in order to improve efficacy and quality of justice. She has special experience and expertise in the area of childhood trauma, adverse childhood experiences, and multigenerational trauma.

Michal currently serves as an expert fellow with the Salzburg Global Seminar on issues of youth violence and safety, and whole-child education. Her most recent work has been published in prominent professional journals, such as the University of Illinois Law Review, NYU Review of Law & Social Change, and the Fordham Urban Law Journal, as well as media outlets such as Forbes, NY Daily News and the Philadelphia Enquirer. She holds a doctorate degree (S.J.D) and an LLM from the University of Pennsylvania Law School, an M.S. in criminology from the University of Pennsylvania, and an LLB from Tel-Aviv University Faculty of Law.

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