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Social and gender equality: Catalysts for Sustainable Growth

The United Nations identifies social and gender equality as fundamental to the sustainable development of any society. Beyond the inherent moral imperative to promote these values, leading global economic consultancies, including Goldman Sachs, Ernst & Young, and McKinsey, have highlighted a clear correlation: countries committed to bridging social divides and elevating women's roles are poised for enhanced economic and social prosperity.

This dual perspective — valuing equality both as a moral duty and an economic strategy — is essential for the robustness of Western nations. It's not merely an ethical stance; it's a pragmatic approach to fostering resilient and dynamic societies.

In this context, the State of Israel stands at a pivotal juncture. Embracing equality as a cornerstone for its future is not just a choice but a necessity for its continued strength as a liberal democracy. The Deborah Institute in Israel is dedicated to forging a forward-looking vision for the nation. Our goal is to cultivate a society deeply rooted in social and gender justice — a resilient society that unleashes the full potential of women and all its diverse communities."

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