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Re-Imagining the Rules

Re-Imagining the Rules – the Global Transition to Transformative Equality and the Narratives of Feminist Religious Movements / Dr Cochav Elkayam-Levy, Head of Dvora Institute

The concept of transformative equality is an emerging new global paradigm that remains largely under-studied. This scholarship develops the idea of transformative equality showing its potential for allowing society to address contemporary challenges. In this research, I center on the work of feminist and liberal religious movements around the world (especially in Muslim countries, in Europe, and in Israel). I argue that feminist religious reformers’ work can greatly contribute to our understanding of the evolving, intriguing idea of transformative equality. I believe that the narratives of religious reformers and liberal religious movements teach us about transformation. This study shall show that the idea of transformative equality should be based on their experiences in motivating reform and on similar gradual, long-term societal processes.

re imagining the rules
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