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Adv. Elinor Kroitoru

Director of Archive and Documentation Division

Elinor Kroitoru, an Israeli-based researcher and consultant, specializes in Archival Management and Commemoration with a focus on Holocaust-era archives and restitution. For eleven years, she led the Research Division at HASHAVA, Israel's governmental body for Restitution of Holocaust Victims’ Assets. Subsequently, she served as Deputy Head of the Archives Division at Yad Vashem.

Elinor's extensive portfolio includes her roles as Senior Researcher in the IHRA's "Monitoring Access to Holocaust Collections" Project, International Consultant for Archives to the Claims Conference, and founder of the Romanian Jewish Heritage Archive in Israel. She also acts as an external advisor to the Inter-governmental Committee on Holocaust-era Provenance Research and Restitution in Israel.

Elinor earned her LLB from Tel-Aviv University and an MA in Public Policy from Reichman University.

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