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Dr Ilya Rodyak

Head of Research

Dr. Ilya Rudyak is the Head of Research at IGSS and a non-resident Senior Fellow at the Center for Ethics and the Rule of Law (CERL) at the University of Pennsylvania. His research focuses on the intersection of international humanitarian law, domestic criminal law, and terrorism, and his work has appeared in traditional and peer-reviewed law journals, legislative proposals, professional reports, and formal submissions to international and state bodies. Prior to joining IGSS, Dr. Rudyak taught law as a Visiting Assistant Professor at the McGeorge School of Law (University of the Pacific), and spearheaded research on domestic violent extremism as a Senior Fellow at CERL (University of Pennsylvania).

A lawyer by training, Dr. Rudyak previously served as the Legislative Director of a comprehensive criminal code reform project in the state of Delaware and as the Director of Research at CERL. Earlier in his career he practiced litigation at a leading Israeli law firm, worked as a Holocaust educator at Yad Vashem - the World Holocaust Remembrance Center, and served as the head of the weapons department aboard an Israeli Navy submarine.

Dr. Rudyak earned his joint LLB degree in law and psychology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and his LLM and SJD degrees from the University of Pennsylvania Law School.

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