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Dr Hemdat Salay

Dr Hemdat Salay

Research Team

Dr. Salay holds a post-doctoral position under an ERC program at the Department of Asian Studies, Hebrew University, were she has completed her PhD dissertation. Her current research focuses on Matrilineal communities of South India. She holds B.A and M.A degrees in Political Science and Comparative Religion from Hebrew University. With several Academic publications, Hemdat has acted as the manager of Academic research projects and collaborated with international partners. Dr. Salay has vast experience in fieldwork. Her commitment to women led her to volunteer in leading community processes (Kibbutz Kfar-Szold), and social entrepreneurship (advocating PPD). In 2022, she volunteered in a refugee camp on the Poland-Ukraine border, where she assisted mothers and girls.
Dr. Salay is now invested in the evolving Academic and Research team of IGSS.

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